Beginner Bowling

Did you know bowling is a sport?

Bowling started around 3200 B.C., providing active entertainment and excitement. The game began during ancient Egyptian times, encouraging the participant to knock items over with a ball or rolling object. For centuries, bowling grew into an engaging family sport that children and the elderly also love!

Interesting facts about the sport.

As we all know, the game comprises a ball with three to four holes and ten curvy pins. What you may not know there are bowling balls that have up to twelve holes! This allows the bowler to handle the ball a certain way, increasing their chances of scoring higher.

Another kooky fact with the game is the weight of the bowling ball. As far as we know, there’s a maximum weight, which is sixteen pounds. However, if you’re wondering how light you can go, there’s no minimum weight requirement. The lightest bowling ball used, which wasn’t a toy from Walmart, weighed four pounds.

Finally, there are over 100 million bowlers in over 90 countries that keep bowling alive. Countries like England, Finland, Australia, Denmark, Germany, and the United States continue to use bowling as a competitive and leisure pastime.

Is bowling getting old?

Honestly, people still bowl today. The sport picked up during the mid-1960s with the younger crowd. With increased access to technology (sorry no more cheating on your scoreboard anymore), and interactive digital screens that shout winner when you and/or your team makes that perfect roll, bowling is here to stay.


Whether if you believe that the game is lame or not, consider trying it out. It’s an excellent way to stay in shape and build healthy relationships between your friends and family. People that bowl for the first time find it easier to return to the game because of the atmosphere and competitive vibes.

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