Bowling Balls: How to Choose the Right One For You?

Bowling is a fun recreational activity that many people love to do. Some bowling balls are much better than others, but it can be hard to know which one is best for you. This article will take a look at bowling ball types and how they differ from each other so you can find the right bowling ball type for your needs.


In bowling, you have a choice of bowling balls. The three major types are:

Rubber Bowling Balls

Rubber bowling balls are the most popular bowling ball type. They’re very durable and offer a nice combination of speed, hooking potential, durability, and ease-of-grip which make them perfect for beginners or recreational bowlers.

Plastic Bowling Ball

Plastic bowling balls are made of polyester resin and offer a different feel than rubber bowling balls. They have less hooking potential, but they’re more durable than their counterparts.

Wood Bowling Ball

Wood bowling balls are more expensive than the previous two types of bowling balls. They’re not as popular because they don’t offer that many advantages over plastic bowling balls, but if you get a high-quality wood bowling ball it will last much longer and have a better grip which is perfect for those who need to maintain their control while using the bowling ball.


In conclusion, bowling balls come in many different types and it’s important to find which bowling ball is best for you. You should take into consideration the bowling lane conditions, your bowling style, what type of bowler you are, budget range, and construction material.

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