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Bowling: Recreational Fun

Bowling is a fun recreational activity that is well-loved by many people — children and adults alike. Despite its quite contemporary look, the roots of this game go back to ancient times. The remains of bowling balls and pins, as well as paintings of people engaged in a similar sport, were discovered in the Egyptian […]

Fall Bowling Leagues Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a Fall bowling league; Las Vegas Nevada is the place to be. There are so many leagues, you can bowl 7 days a week if your heart desires. Suncoast has two that I am familiar with. NFL Partytime, Mondays 6:40pm and Gondola Mixers Wednesdays 6:25pm. Both are handicapped Adult Mixed leagues.

Bowling: A Hobby for Everyone to Enjoy

Bowling has been around for a long time, but the bowling alley is now more than just a place to hang out with friends. Today bowling is an activity that everyone can enjoy and it’s perfect for your next party! It doesn’t matter if you’re bowling as part of a league or just with some […]

The Sport of Bowling

Bowling is a sport with the richest and longest history. It has existed for about four thousand years, actively practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Competitors roll a heavy ball on a flat surface trying to hit a set of cones placed at the other end of the bowling alley. The first standardized rules […]

Fun in Bowling

One sport considered to be fun to play is bowling. Whether by yourself or with friends or family, it can be a great way to promote bowling skills or simply time for bonding. Going to the bowling alley does not require much preparation or equipment to have bowling fun. Depending on the number of players, […]

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