The Sport of Bowling

Bowling is a sport with the richest and longest history. It has existed for about four thousand years, actively practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Competitors roll a heavy ball on a flat surface trying to hit a set of cones placed at the other end of the bowling alley. The first standardized rules were published in 1895 in New York.

Bowling is one of the anaerobic sports that speeds up the burning of calories and builds muscle groups.

Bending and stretching during bowling is beneficial for:

  • connective tissues,
  • ligaments,
  • arm muscles,
  • body shaping,
  • loss of excess and maintenance of satisfactory body weight.

Bowling is a valued activity among people with disabilities.

Apart from improving health and better physical fitness, bowling brings new friendships, socializing and teaches them better socialization, team spirit, and openness. Many psychologists consider this activity extremely important for the modern man with the psycho-social benefits it brings to the individual.

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